We fight to save a single flower!

When I look back to our Liberation War, 1971, feel, it was a bi-product of cold war! But was it really? No! This war not only gave birth of a country, but a nation, that we are not Pakistani, not Indian, we are Bangladeshi… I feel sometimes, why this bloodshed in the name of war? But feel very proud that we were not involved in a civil war, nor we invaded another country. We never press anything upon others. We live to live with all. And Allah gave us wonderful cultural friends, enormous helping hands from all over the globe during our war..

All these things I tell to give a bad news. Today the songsmith of our liberation, whose songs gave new strength to every soldier then, and every citizen henceforth, Govinda Halder  passed away (may his soul rest in peace)

I wouldn’t discuss about his life, his work, as I gave a link above. But I would like to translate one of  his songs. This single piece elaborates our whole war, our goal, our dream, our mentality. I am not good at translating, so just translated word by word, didn’t want to give a single touch of me in his wonderful work.

“We fight to save a single flower
 We raise guns to save smile on a single face.
   Land who embraced me whole life
   her river-water-flower-fruits portrayed my dream
   her blue sky gave wings to my mind
   rhythm of her soil I felt whole life.
We fight to write a new poem
We fight to sing a new song
We fight for a beautiful art
We fight today to save the world peace!
   For the love of that lady, heart beats for
   for that smiling child, whole world for
   for that sweet home, of heavenly couple
   We fight to save the peace of those peaceful lives!
We fight to save a single flower
We raise guns to save smile on a single face.”