Wallflower’s tale

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Silver Screen.”


The picture shows it all.. But I’ll tell you a story. About a lady, a call girl as you say. I see her, from my early age. I went to school, she waited outside the cinema for her work. I went to college, she picked up some other girls. Now I go to office, she remains the same. My age grows, her doesn’t. Her work, her makeup, her lipstick doesn’t allow her. I see, I keep quiet, I understand. I never get close to her, never say a good or bad thing, not even a hi or a bow, she never knows me. I won’t feel ashamed, nor she will, but let her remain as she is, as I am.. May be that’s the perks of being a wallflower…


Friends, Let’s get some EBOLA killed !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Your Thing) for Dummies.”

I found the most favorite daily prompt on the least free day! I am quite sick, fever it is, and MUST rest now. But when I saw the prompt, I tried to do something… I can’t write much, so thought to share any video for my friends on “My Thing” “Biology”. And where rest? there’s tons of videos on PCR, Cell Biology, Cell structure, DNA replication, Protein synthesis etc etc etc..I started watching and knew a lot! Ha ha ! How many will I share?

Then found this video, on Ebola Virus, may be most media focused after Swine flu and HIV, or may be more than them! But is Ebola THAT important? This video will definitely answer that, and for that, PLEASE watch the video till end 😀

There is also a take home message from the sick teacher of today’s class. That is: “If YOU ALL want to stay out of deadly diseases, just stay in the NATURE’S LAW. Don’t make tree’s, animal’s, virus’s, bacteria’s lives hell; they would definitely make yours!”

Enjoy the class 🙂

Good night Mr and Mrs Douglas!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do or Die.”

“Mr Douglas, r u awake?” “See, what time she came to bed!” “but I just have had my dinner” I said silently. “Dinner!! what time is it! Its your time to drink milk! don’t say you poured that in sink again!” Mrs Douglas turned on her back and said in sleepy voice, “She’s all grown up honey..” “ya of course she’s! That day was just yesterday when we two came by her bed, she was frightened, but started to talk..every night this little insomniac kid talked, made stories, laughed, cried..and now suddenly she’s become a GROWN-UP!! and we’ve become OLD!!!”  I was numb, what would I say? just looked at Mrs Douglas helplessly. “Honey, it isn’t yesterday, it’s a lot years ago! I can understand. But does she love us less? What are we? ghosts! creepy ghosts! But she loved us from her core! still she remembers us before sleeping, doesn’t she? does she say we are imaginary? like the other kids?? ” Mr Douglas was silent, as usual with his obstinate face. Now it was my time to open mouth “Mr and Mrs Douglas, I never thought why your names are English, I never thought who you are. I just know one thing, every child has guardian angels, I have two guardian ghosts! Whatever my age could be, you two would always be on my bedside. Whenever I’d be frightened at night, wake up, would turn my head back, and know you are always there for me! You will NEVER die! I love you two!” I don’t know how could they, but the old ghost couple hugged me, tight, smiling with tears.. “Now go to bed you old ghosts! Good night Mr and Mrs Douglas!” “Good night baby!”

A journey to the Swan Lake

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

Listen my little kitties, listen to your granny..It was a sunny, yes, very sunny winter day..I might be old today, but the day, I still can remember it. It was the day of January, 25, 2015. The date of today. No, no, don’t think I am making up the date..It really was 25 January, your granny’s not that old yet!

It was the day of “Saraswati puja“. Nowdays, you just don’t bother about old religious programs, but once they were great festivals. People from all religions, muslims, hindus, buddhists, christians, all gathered in the puja field..Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, with her four hands (mind, sense; intellect, reasoning; imagination, creativity; self consciousness, ego), her book of knowledge, her crystal garland of inner reflection, her water of purity and her musical instrument of all creative arts and sciences; called all her pupils… And above all, mother’s SWAN, not a normal one, her beautiful, enormous, snow-white swan..You know, why swan is her vehicle? because, you give her swan mixture of water and milk, it would able to drink the milk alone…Knowledge is not only learning, but the ability to differ good and bad!

Goddess Saraswati statue by Deparment of fine arts, Dhaka University photo courtesy: http://news.priyo.com/photo/2011/feb/09/19373.html, https://www.flickr.com/photos/arrajib/8557738043/?rb=1

I know, what you are thinking bunnies, that, I am a muslim, pray five times a day, don’t believe in Gods and Goddesses, wouldn’t take a mark of sindur or chandan on my forhead, then what was my relation with the veneration, isn’t it? Yes, you are right. On that day, people also asked that. But it was our country of harmony, that’s a rare word today.

Our University of Dhaka organized a big big big festival that day, actually for many years. All the departments, from science faculty, arts, business studies..54 departments established saraswati statue, in their own way, reflecting the theme of their department..You know, there was a statue from Islamic Studies department as well! Huh, what harmonious days they were!

But if the day was that easy, may be I wouldn’t tell you this story. The huge monsters of politics swallowed the whole country..No security, nothing, anytime you might be burnt in the petrol bomb! Boom! and you would be a lump of flesh! But dear, should we let the evil win! No, we couldn’t! We decided to visit mother saraswati, might we didn’t believe her, but we believed the power of knowledge, good and bad!

After office, I came out, whole monthly salary in handbag, lots of cash in a day of chaos outside. No, I didn’t have a horse, a white one as you see in fairy tales, but I made myself entered in a crowded bus..Our university was not far, but there was a fear everywhere. Anytime you might be hurt by thugs, anytime the whole bus could turn into ashes..Yes, it was 2015, but our politics might be from stone ages! (Nah, stone age was far more humane!). Each stoppage passed, a fear for next stoppage grabbed our throat.. I was alone that day, but you know, not really..My friend was coming to the puja from a long distant district, another side of the country, only to meet all!

We, the warriors arrived..Loudspeakers, as bugles, welcome us! many other friends, seniors, juniors..We took photos, we ate foods of veneration, yes, we are muslims, but we had a wonderful thought that time. Hindu friends ate as blessings, we ate as foods! We didn’t venerate the statues, but all shared the beauty of it in hearts.

In this world of religious fights, atheism-religion fights, there was a land of fairy tale. Extremists wanted to separate us, but we didn’t separate ourselves! In the year of 2015, we won! My little children, never let this harmony drowned, let mother saraswati’s swan swim…swim across the ocean of unjust, to give us knowledge of right and wrong!

More pictures of Dhaka University, Jagannath Hall Puja, 2014, (as 2015 pictures are not published yet), http://www.somewhereinblog.net/blog/sanjoymukharjeedumb/29923031