Another 90 percent !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

Thought, I wouldn’t write today. But the daily posts were interesting. I was trying to manage my menus from the beginning, and now, I AM SUCCEED!! Thank you daily post for that 🙂

Now, another post was, how would I use my another 90 percent brain power?

think, think, think… I looked to my laptop blankly. Aha! tens of tabs are open at a time! facebook (obviously!), wordpress, the paintings of Goya, some word meanings, and scientific papers! They are of myriad kinds – virology (as I am working on it), newly found bacteria, recent findings on cancer blah blah.. come to the menu part, some photos are open, was trying to edit one, movie is waiting 😀 For sure my mom came and said, all the time you are at home, on the computer or phone! don’t you people feel tired!! (mom, I am least tech-addict of this generation, but who would tell you that!)

I looked out the screen to my bed…Wow! a novel, a newspaper, food, and obviously a quant practice book, for GRE prep, which I never open! My younger brother’s recent research paper (out of the internet obviously) that the whole calculus thing is a crap (after reading that, I think it so!) Stopped my searching there, cause if I open my closet now, all the clothes will jump onto my head! as usual forgot to iron them, and manage? hahaha!!! And the table? babe, forget it!

Then I thought, dear sadia, thats the only 10 percent of your brain, making you freak! what will the another 90 percent do?? But probably, thats a negative view. another lump of brain could help me manage these stuffs 😀 (mom, I found it out, its my brain’s fault, not mine :D)

And finally, on a serious note, how could I use it? I think, I would try to manage two things, I love most, and can least. I wanted to sing well, and paint well. Yes, I can learn them now, a instrument, or a painting brush, but could they be learning? nope. They come naturally. May be the 90 percent could help me here. And may be, I could do some astronomy staffs, some physics too (why physics? I don’t know!)

Okay, my movie is calling me, another night in the Middle Earth 😀 Today’s the desolation of Smaug! Sometimes I forget the movies, characters, actors or even stories! Wish, I had that 90 percent!!