Parallax at Westminster Bridge

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Boudica statue

A sunny afternoon, lots of people at Westminster bridge, a lady came rushing, burst out in tears, tried hard to make herself okay. Mumbling vaguely, only one sentence could be heard, “What’d I do now!”

Let leave the lady alone, sobbing, let get back some moments, following the alley. Mrs Lily Baker, a fifty something woman, lost her husband some months ago. Two children, daughter, both in school. Smiling, hardworking housewife. A famous and gentle family in the neighborhood, a poor one in this rich town. All loved her doctor husband, trusted him, and they all made a mutual fund.

Then what, her husband, when on his triumphs of life and death, gave all the papers to another partner. Today, when she came to his office, to take charge, all were forged! That’s all! Mrs Lily Baker, with all their money, respect, future, burst into tears.

The lady, took a tissue paper from her handbag and looked forward. The sun, shinining at its best, from the clouds, creating thousands of  rays from the Bronze lady, with her daughters, in a chariot, fighting back the Romans! ” I shan’t lose, My dear lady, Boudicca, I SHALL fight back!” Mrs Baker started walking…