Spruce up your sidebar- when I read this, I said to myself, my sidebar’s perfect now! My name’s Rainrhyme, and there’s rain in the photo and rhyme in the names, like the closet (archive), or clouds (tags)..But I got stuck in one point- PERSONALIZATION! When, I am introducing myself as an amphibian being, where am I? The rainy lights from the car-glass is NOT ME!

So, I decided to use my own pic. This one’s taken on my graduation day rehearsal. wanted to add one in sari with graduation cap, a true amphibian type 🙂 but that was blur, so add this. Always, I wished one thing, opposite to the social networks (where people see you first, know you second), I wished people would see my writing first, and after that know, who I am! But I am feeling little more liberal about that issue now. Though its photo or writing, finally its ME, isn’t it?

So, I changed my about.me picture, more personalized, more comely to my new friends (The word “follower” tickles me) , though less in number, I have  found them very close to me !

So, welcome to my PERSONAL world 🙂


To you, my precious

Photo courtesy: https://evenifministries.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/410/
Photo courtesy: https://evenifministries.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/410/

My precious,

How are you? I never wrote you, cause I didn’t find your address. A large address book of mine, thousands of people living there, but, you? no sign, nothing! How could my letters, my postcards, mails or tweets reach you, when you are living above the skies! My postmen, personal or virtual, no one can deliver you my love..My dear cutie pie, my love, my UNBORN,my SHORT-LIVED, yes this letter is to you!

In this blogging topic, I have been asked to write for my dream reader, about a topic, new to me.. But my dream reader is you. My writings might reach to anyone in this world, but you? You are too unreachable! But you will always be my dream reader, a spiritual one. You are NOT a SINGLE person, you could be anyone. In any family, in any society, caste, clan, religion, in anything. If you were alive, you had a name, we would lit up candles on your birthday cake, sing lullabies at bed, or scold for homework or video games! But, your steps were too short in this world, we couldn’t fit you a shoe!

Working at a hospital, I experience hundreds of your names, unborn, still birth, aborted, miscarriaged, short-lived…As biologists, we try our best to help you to live, when a vaccine, a medicine, a method we can establish, it feels like heaven! when one neonate is out of severe diarrhea or pneumonia, it feels like heaven! The seed will grow up, stand still on mother earth, listen the music of rivers, blow in the rhythm of wind, and finally make a huge tree with thousand leaves of deed!

My dream reader, believe me, we try…But sometimes life becomes so tough! You are forcefully aborted in many countries, in many cultures, because you would be a GIRL! We can’t bring you to this grave world, when you become a BI-PRODUCT of nasty war strategies! war maniac’s rape strategies! If we say sorry, with our tears and bloods, could you forgive us, for our cruelty?

Some say, you become a star, some say, you become a spirit, an angel carry you straight to heaven …In Hinduism, you can return back as a new person, with your own soul…I don’t know, how, but I want to tell you that, we miss you…When I watch my friend crying every night in prayers, watch a relative staring at children helplessly, I feel a deep sigh in me…

I don’t know where you live, how you do, but wherever you are, miss you my precious! Life goes on, many come, many go, many remain, your memory fades….But like a mirror maze you remain in our deeper selves, we look into ourselves, and your face reflects from all corners….regards dear!

Amphibian me!

When I decided to write about the second assignment on the theme and tagline, it was night already, and was so tired. When I woke up, another topic was already published! It was, say hello to neighbors ! I thought to write on both in one piece, and its night already 😀

As I said it earlier, my English is quite clumsy, as it wasn’t my first language…I didn’t read much English literature as well. But these days, I wanted to fly in  different skies, meet new birds, and English gives nice wings for that! That’s why, I am here!

My tagline, ” stories of mountains is history, stories of pebbles is life”- came from an inspiration. I am reading a book these days, “Love in the land of Midas” by Kapka Kassakova, there is a line, “These are the forces of history and I’m just a pebble tumbling down the hill before the great avalanche” . Yes we all are pebbles here, we won’t be in the history, so what? let tell our stories ourselves! Probably, that’s why Literature was born 🙂

Oh my, joining the neighbors! That took the soul out of me ! It was harder than our neighbor aunty’s, “could you give me some this? or that? or the whole!” When I searched for topics, I was scared, what am I doing? I was trying to hide myself from science, take a breath in history, novels, mythology etc, but I was searching topics like microbiology, cell biology, virology…In a second again arts ones…Started following all, and soon my reader section was a mess!! what should I read and what not!! Feeling like a frog, amphibian one, swimming in arts, and staying in a science hole! So, I put my original soul in “about.me” section 😀

I found lots of people here today, who are just like me, rather they are, Jack of all, and master of all! so, I started thinking of  writing about both…But I am very confused in this matter…After a blog on streets, or street people, suddenly stumbling in a blog like Protein synthesis or some virus, how would it look like?? Again, anyone can find them easily on internet, so should I write them in a blog?  If I do, should I write a new blog about that? But it’ll be very difficult for me to run them two…now, what should I do??

Dreaming In A dream!

I never wrote in English, besides in my exams…writing a blog! English! simply a nightmare! but sometimes we do things we want to, whether we can, or not..its a kind of thing.. When I saw this website, I just went through, made an account, and now, feeling the empty slate, felt like filling it 🙂

I am basically from science background, completed my Masters in Microbiology last year, working in a research organization( Not that much RESEARCH though! :D). I didn’t travel abroad, even saw a few things in my life..When I am writing here, I am asking myself, what am I doing?? I should do my GRE , TOEFL preparation, read scientific journals, learn to write scientific ones! and here, I am just telling my life, my city, my etc and etc!! As I have a lot in my dream, dreaming in a dream as I say, and I want to convey them to others..Who knows, may be far far from my home some one is dreaming the same ! and you know, I am enjoying it 😀

In our beautiful country, the most beautiful thing is… everything! and when everything look more most beautiful? when it rains….before rain, during rain, after rain… when it drizzles, when it thunders, when it fights hard… Its warm, but not hot, cool but not cold, clear and hazy at the same time… from ants to eagles or sport cars to pedestrians…we live in the rhythm of rain…. so starting my English blog journey, in the name of Dear RAIN  🙂 lets start it !!

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