Not here, Not there, Somewhere else, Very different !

I borrowed these lines from Rabindranath Tagore, and these lines are spinning in my head for past few days, lines are in Bangla, but I translated them with my funny English! Okay, the whole things abou making goals, for the next days on this blog!

I came to this morose world with a unnecessary curious mind..I asked so much questions that bothered everyone around me. Now I am grown up, cant do the same..but whenever today I see lines of freezers in the lab, I think of a horror film, where zombies would peep out anytime! Today, I must think freezers as freezers, not zombieland! And thats the reason why this blog is! For my dual mind, where freezers are freezers, and where they are bunch of mysteries!

And also for those, who disgustingly ask, “what is hobby?” “I write” “What you write?” “daydreams!” !! No, to answer, “I write under cover of RAINRHYME.WORDPRESS! here’s the link moron!!”

Then, where the goals come from? When I make plans, they are failed, when I don’t they are awesome! yes, procrastination it is, but thats the happiness also 🙂 So, when I like I’ll write, when I don’t, I won’t! And all of my friends (NO FOLLOWER!) definitely would understand this.

I am not that angel-like actually, I love when people read my stuffs, like them…But I am tired this days sometimes. When I followed a few friends, my reader section was clean, I read all of their writings, but now, what I would read, and what not?? At this point comes the pain of making posts more attractive, more eye-catching…I want to remind all of my friend’s names, what they write about..But is it possible really if I have twenty thousands five hundreds and forty two followers??

So, my goal on this first day is, trying to write continuously, get to know my friends, read a lot of science stuffs and again, write!! 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “Not here, Not there, Somewhere else, Very different !

  1. Aaah… RainRhyme…. Rabindranath Tagore… I have never forgotten his name, nor his beautiful poetry, that I stumbled into, at age 17 in a bookshop. I bought his book of poetry. I don’t read his poems anymore, but I love what he has written.
    I didnt know till I followed your link that he had won the Nobel Prize!!!!



  2. Really? 😊 that’s very sweet of you! You know he is the closest person in every Bangali’s heart, whether from Bangladesh or west bengal(India)..we love his poems and songs as everyday living. And he is the only person who wrote national anthem of two countries! And his short stories and paintings are more creative till today than the present ones!

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  3. Not sweet.. just fortuitous… i remember a line from that book i bought, way back when, and it said something like “when you are frightened, walk straight towards the object you fear.” at 17, i took that advice to heart and always remember Rabindranath tagore for that. but i don’t have the book anymore– please post more of his poems.
    also i don’t know much about the difference between west bengal and bangladesh – though i do recall a time when the countries split.. i think….. 😦

    i bought the Rabindranath Tagore book with my first copy of the Chinese classic the I Ching ( Yi Jing) and i still carry that dog-eared copy around with me wherever i go!!!


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