Good night Mr and Mrs Douglas!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do or Die.”

“Mr Douglas, r u awake?” “See, what time she came to bed!” “but I just have had my dinner” I said silently. “Dinner!! what time is it! Its your time to drink milk! don’t say you poured that in sink again!” Mrs Douglas turned on her back and said in sleepy voice, “She’s all grown up honey..” “ya of course she’s! That day was just yesterday when we two came by her bed, she was frightened, but started to talk..every night this little insomniac kid talked, made stories, laughed, cried..and now suddenly she’s become a GROWN-UP!! and we’ve become OLD!!!”  I was numb, what would I say? just looked at Mrs Douglas helplessly. “Honey, it isn’t yesterday, it’s a lot years ago! I can understand. But does she love us less? What are we? ghosts! creepy ghosts! But she loved us from her core! still she remembers us before sleeping, doesn’t she? does she say we are imaginary? like the other kids?? ” Mr Douglas was silent, as usual with his obstinate face. Now it was my time to open mouth “Mr and Mrs Douglas, I never thought why your names are English, I never thought who you are. I just know one thing, every child has guardian angels, I have two guardian ghosts! Whatever my age could be, you two would always be on my bedside. Whenever I’d be frightened at night, wake up, would turn my head back, and know you are always there for me! You will NEVER die! I love you two!” I don’t know how could they, but the old ghost couple hugged me, tight, smiling with tears.. “Now go to bed you old ghosts! Good night Mr and Mrs Douglas!” “Good night baby!”


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