Spruce up your sidebar- when I read this, I said to myself, my sidebar’s perfect now! My name’s Rainrhyme, and there’s rain in the photo and rhyme in the names, like the closet (archive), or clouds (tags)..But I got stuck in one point- PERSONALIZATION! When, I am introducing myself as an amphibian being, where am I? The rainy lights from the car-glass is NOT ME!

So, I decided to use my own pic. This one’s taken on my graduation day rehearsal. wanted to add one in sari with graduation cap, a true amphibian type 🙂 but that was blur, so add this. Always, I wished one thing, opposite to the social networks (where people see you first, know you second), I wished people would see my writing first, and after that know, who I am! But I am feeling little more liberal about that issue now. Though its photo or writing, finally its ME, isn’t it?

So, I changed my about.me picture, more personalized, more comely to my new friends (The word “follower” tickles me) , though less in number, I have  found them very close to me !

So, welcome to my PERSONAL world 🙂


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