Newly discovered antibiotic Teixobactin and iChip technology- the next big thing?

new thing to know 🙂


Scientific community is abuzz with the latest discovery of the antibiotic Teixobactin by a team of scientists from Northeastern University, led by Kim Lewis. Rightly so, since it is a new class of antibiotic discovered in decades and the best part is, it was  found to be resitant to resistance which is the foremost problem plaguing the medical field right now. It can kill important rogue bacteria such as B.anthracis(causes anthrax), C.difficile(causes severe diarrhoea) and M.tuberculosis(causes TB) but doesn’t act on gram negative bacteria such as Pseudomonas, E.coli and Klebsiella. Teixobactin kills bacteria by preventing them from building their outer coats. Losee Ling from NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals and Tanja Schneider at the University of Bonn showed that it works by withholding two molecules namely- Lipid II and Lipid III which the bacteria needs for making their cell wall and to maintain its integrity.

Perhaps the most important part…

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