Dreaming In A dream!

I never wrote in English, besides in my exams…writing a blog! English! simply a nightmare! but sometimes we do things we want to, whether we can, or not..its a kind of thing.. When I saw this website, I just went through, made an account, and now, feeling the empty slate, felt like filling it 🙂

I am basically from science background, completed my Masters in Microbiology last year, working in a research organization( Not that much RESEARCH though! :D). I didn’t travel abroad, even saw a few things in my life..When I am writing here, I am asking myself, what am I doing?? I should do my GRE , TOEFL preparation, read scientific journals, learn to write scientific ones! and here, I am just telling my life, my city, my etc and etc!! As I have a lot in my dream, dreaming in a dream as I say, and I want to convey them to others..Who knows, may be far far from my home some one is dreaming the same ! and you know, I am enjoying it 😀

In our beautiful country, the most beautiful thing is… everything! and when everything look more most beautiful? when it rains….before rain, during rain, after rain… when it drizzles, when it thunders, when it fights hard… Its warm, but not hot, cool but not cold, clear and hazy at the same time… from ants to eagles or sport cars to pedestrians…we live in the rhythm of rain…. so starting my English blog journey, in the name of Dear RAIN  🙂 lets start it !!

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7 thoughts on “Dreaming In A dream!

  1. thank you very much debbie! sometimes we love former floods, as we are suffering from global warming too much!


  2. actually, it has made the situation worse.. the temperature is high, polar ice is melt, so the water level is increased..our recent floods, cyclones and droughts all are more intense now…anyway, we are born fighters 😀


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